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      1. okay, I’m really getting confused. I was just told I had the wrong blog. Maybe you didn’t realize it was me at first? No worries, I was just thinking about you and wanted to see how you were doing. I’ll just talk to you again once you get back at it, okay? Take care.
        Peace and hugs,

      2. Hahaha, aww, I can see why this would confuse you. You see, this domain used to be my previous blog (I called it Thiprog). I changed this a couple months ago, but for some reason, I ended up with three blogs: my main site (the one you had been reading earlier), this one (an empty blog), and my review site (I abandoned that one a while ago).

        Here is a link to the real blog: http://johnjourney.wordpress.com/

        Of course I knew it was you, I don’t have many supporters, I wouldn’t forget you 🙂

      3. Okay. I went to that link and made sure I was following. Getting ready to go to a therapy appointment, so I will check it out when I return. How have you been getting along? I know, it’s gonna take awhile. Sending you a big HUG, as I know there is nothing anyone can really say or do, but I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing today? Don’t you worry, before you know it, you’ll have all kinds of supporters. Just takes time. In the meanwhile, you’re stuck with me. LOL Try to have a good day, my friend.
        Sunshine, Peace, and HUGS coming your way,

      4. Y’know, I never actually asked you about your circumstances. I took a peak at your blog :3, and I found you have chronic pain. How long has this been going on for?

        Hahah, I’m very much happy with my one supporter already, so don’t you worry about it :).

        It’s going to take some time for me to get my foot back on the ground. I really was a momma’s boy, and living on without the physical presence of mother is going to be a huge challenge. But my belief that mother is up there, with me in spirit, really has helped me cope with the situation. It feels as if she never really left me. And my hope that I will get to see her once again somewhere in the distant future, is a thought I cherish with all of my heart.

      5. Hi there. Well, let’s see, my circumstances are very complicated. I have several invisible chronic illnesses and chronic pain. Fibromyalgia, gastroparesis, IBS, interstitial cystitis, esophageal motility disorder, asthma, hiatal hernia, antiphospholipid syndrome, factor v leiden, hereditary hemochromatosis, and more. That should take you awhile to look all those up. I then suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD. I would prefer to share the rest through email. So, let me go to my email and I’ll carry on from there.:)

      6. Johnny, I am so sorry I haven’t gotten to that email yet, but I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been having a rough time and haven’t been on and now I’m trying to get caught up on all these comments on wordpress and then I promise I’ll get to that email and we’ll pick up right where we left off. Don’t know if I’ll be on from day to day, just have to take it as it comes, but I’ll always be back. don’t want you thinking I’ve vanished on you. I’ll get my act together and then your number one fan will be here for you, okay? I hope you understand. I hope you are doing okay, as best as you can in this difficult situation. I’ll get back to you just as soon as I’m able. don’t give up on me, I’ll be here to help you get through this rough patch and to watch how you blossom when things calm down a bit. I’m not going anywhere. Peace and hugs,

      7. Tammy, don’t worry about it. To be honest, I was starting to worry about you, due to the urgency of the last mail you sent me, so I’m just relieved to hear you are ‘fine’. I’m sorry to hear that you have a hard time, I hope that whatever it is that made you suffer, it is taking a long-ass break ;). Take your time, please, and don’t feel forced or pressured into responding ASAP to me. I know you’ll get to it 😉

      8. Hi Johnny, I’m back. Sorry, I had to take a break to work on myself, been struggling, lately. Would love to hear how you are doing. I didn’t desert you, I just had to take care of myself and that meant taking a break. But, I’m back and would love to hear from you. Trying to get caught up on all these notifications and once that’s done, I’ll be right over to read your blog. I hope you are hanging in there. Take care.

      9. Hi Johnny. So happy to hear from you. Take your time. I’m back now, so I’ll not be taking a hundred years to get back to you, making you think I ditched you. Sorry about that. Whenever you have time will be great.
        Peace and hugs,

      1. I’m sorry. Have a great day anyway. I’m following your blog and there wasn’t anything there, but a place to leave a comment and I thought it was someone else, apparently. Do you no longer have a blog? Sorry, I’m a little ignorant with this blogging stuff, still, but like I said there was nothing there, but a place to leave a comment.:)

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